Do you love,, Then you are in the right place. We understand that people learn in all different modalities. So we have created an SEO training online program that is self paced. You move at your own pace and our certified faculty are standing by to answer any questions you may have as you go through the course. Grab your pencils, laptop, notepad, cup of good coffee or tea and let’s get found!

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SEO Training Online – No One is The Boss of Me

oin us online for 6 one-hour-long SEO basics video recordings and get the SEO training you want at your own pace. Gain access to the SEO tools and knowledge you need to create a Findable website, and become relevant in your industry. Includes one copy of Marketing Espionage: How to “SPY” on Yourself, Prospects and Competitors to Dominating Online, and lifetime access to the Video Vault.


Self Study SEO Training Online

Finally! DIY SEO training to study at home that’s affordable, accessible, and easy to implement with real, bottom line results.

Did you know 92% of searchers NEVER go to page two and 86% NEVER scroll down! If you aren’t on page one in the top search results, your ideal buyer won’t find you. But now, you can learn everything you need to know to become Findable online with the Findability Home Study Course – the most comprehensive DIY SEO course available.

Learn to optimize your website and your entire online presence for higher Google rankings and more profits.

Here’s what you’ll learn step-by-step with the Findability DIY SEO Training Online Course:

Session #1: Discover the Path to Purchase and Customer Keywords

With our SEO basics, you’ll brainstorm and identify the most important keyword phrases for your business to attract your ideal customers. Learn to use essential keyword tools you’ve never seen before, plus specific strategies to build your keywords list and set yourself up for online success.

Action Plan: Have your finished keywords ready for the next video session.

Session #2: Gain a Competitive Advantage with Advanced Keyword Tools

Discover Keyword Tools Palooza! We’ll reveal our tool kit of the best keyword research tools; then deep dive into how they work and how you can leverage them to get found fast. Simple SEO training delivered in easy-to-understand language so anyone can use the methods.

Action Plan: Learn to use tools of the trade and deep dive into keywords your customers use when they search for you.

Session #3: Create Your Website’s Keyword Road Map By Page

In this DIY SEO session, you’ll determine which keywords will work best for each page of your site and build your website to maximize Findability.

Action Plan: Map out your website with an SEO organizational chart and assign the best keywords.

Session #4: Write Body Copy that Rocks and Is Findable!

Learn the SEO basics of the THBLI keyword method (Title, Headline, Body, Links, Images). Then discover how to incorporate this information into your content on all website pages, blog posts and social media sites to improve Findability.

Action Plan: Write in keywords throughout your homepage and then apply to as many pages as possible.

Session #5: Spy on Your Competitors to Know Their Online Marketing Secrets

Print out five of your top competitors’ websites for this session and let the fun begin. With this DIY SEO training you’ll learn how to ethically spy on their online marketing strategies. Uncover their keywords, ranking and more using tools like, and others.

Action Plan: Using reports from your competitors’ websites, you’ll identify their THBLI and craft your own plan of attack to knock them out of those top positions.

Session #6: Fix Your Site Now!

Learn how to install and use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Understand your analytics and create a refinement plan to execute over time to maintain Findability. With this SEO training online, you’ll also be able to set up conversion tracking so you can watch your progress and see increases in qualified traffic on your site.

Action Plan: Set up your own Google Analytics account and Webmaster tools to watch your progress.

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