Findability “SEO” Certification – Become an Expert in “No Geek Speak”

Get Certified in the Findability Method to Close More Sales and Deliver More Value


Findability Certification is ideal for Web Designers and Developers, Digital Agencies, Marketing Agencies or individuals who want to sell more and connect better with clients.

As a web expert, you probably use technical jargon to talk about what clients need and what you can do for them. But, they often don’t get the brilliance of what you offer because they can’t comprehend it. This is what I am known for. Client’s love my “no geek-speak” and the simple language I use to make sure they understand what we’re doing. I am an expert at connecting easily with clients and creating a level of trust. Becoming Findability Certified will transform your technical explanations into easily understandable conversation clients appreciate and value. The result? You’ll close more sales and build better relationships. That’s why Findability Certification is exactly what you need.

Certification for Individuals and Small Firms

There are three ways individuals and small firms can take advantage of Findability Certification: 1. Become certified to be one of the Findability Team trainers 2. Train others on your own with the Findability licensed materials 3. Use the training with your clients to improve communication The certification process begins by accompanying me to three live trainings. You’ll observe the how the material is delivered and master the process. Next, you’ll coordinate your own three-hour Findability program with supervision. The last step is to attend a six-week Findability University Webinar series – then you’ll be certified! Ready to get certified? Submit your application to be reviewed as a candidate. We’ll let you know quickly if you have been accepted into the program. You can start anytime once accepted.

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Findability Certification for Agencies

If your agency offers web services such as web design, PPC, or social media, Findability Certification is a game changer. You may have a huge agency with lots of sales reps who are too techy and lose business as a result. Or you may want to elevate the connection with clients on the phone to build better relationships for more sales and greater satisfaction. When your team is certified, they’ll break through communication barriers with clients and other agency personnel by speaking in non-technical language that’s easily understood. I will travel to your site for a one- day training, taking your team through the Findability Certification materials. All takers must pass the exam in order for your agency to complete the process.

What’s Included with Findability Certification

  • Access for a full year to the Findability Library
  • Attend live events and any webinar series at no charge after certified
  • Certified tailored events


Meet Stephanie Hillberry – Findability Certified Trainer

Stephanie recently completed Findability Certification. She has been a professional blogger, digital publisher and marketer since 2008. Currently, she works hands-on with clients to develop ebooks, websites and subscription services to grow their business, as well as providing training to audiences around the country on internet marketing, time management, sales, and digital publishing.Stephanie finally earned her Certification and can train anywhere in the US with the Findability training material. GO STEPHANIE! Stephanie finally earned her Certification and can train anywhere in the US with the Findability training material.

Meet Stephanie Hillberry

See Stephanie in Action

Here’s what Stephanie says about how Findability Certification has changed her business:

As a speaker and marketing professional, I was looking for an opportunity to enhance my career and elevate my skills. The Findability Certified Professional program has given me that opportunity. Since becoming certified, I have taught business owners all over the world the Findability Formula—a practical a powerful marketing process.

I love how this material takes search-engine marketing and makes it exciting and applicable for everyone. My favorite moments are when audiences and clients experience a flash of insight that helps them see their customers or competitors from a new perspective, and then immediately apply that insight to their websites, social media campaigns and blogs. And because each webinar, seminar or consultation equips them with an arsenal of online tools they can use going forward, I am confident that they have what they need to invigorate their businesses long into the future.

Personally this program has helped me become a better speaker and teacher, has put me on the cutting-edge of marketing techniques, and has connected me with businesses and leaders I would have never met otherwise. It feels good to put my knowledge into action in a way that helps others.

Stephanie Hillberry, Findability Certified Trainer, Blogger
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