Sneaky Practice Adding HOURS to your workload!

Problem: A picture may be worth a thousand words, but editing it into a catchy ad on Photoshop or a similar program can feel like it’s taking a thousand hours… and is seriously NOT worth it.

Is your time really working for you, or is it getting sucked into hours of hunching over the computer making micro-edits?

For most purposes, you just don’t need that kind of pain. Plus, those programs aren’t cheap! It’s time to back away slowly and have a look at this alternative before your posture is permanently pretzeled from all your extra work.

Solution: Save your time and sanity with these powerful free tools! is a fantastic resource for quick, easy, free editing. It’s super simple, and you can even select brand colors and fonts to make sure anyone working in your account sticks to your brand’s theme. It’s also full of free stock photography, allowing you to make stunning, eye-catching ads without having to go hunting for something you can legally use.

Bonus tip: You’re going to love this one – I use Fiverr and have the freelancers create images right in my Canva account! From there, it literally takes seconds to customize a design to new dimensions for different media platforms. Ta da!

Next Steps: In our next email, find out how puppies, kittens and babies can all help you make money. No, I’m not advocating puppy labor – you’ll just have to check back next week and find out!

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