“Snackable Moments” Social Media Engagement


What’s a snackable moment? It’s a bite-sized piece of information with an image, that’s like a tasty morsel for your clients, fans and followers. If you’re looking for more social media engagement, I highly recommend including images in your posts on Twitter and Facebook.

I recently interviewed Adam Rotman, founder of ShareasImage.com and he explained the massive impact images make on your social media engagement. You just can’t argue with these impressive statistics!

Images on Twitter deliver:

  •         84% more click-throughs
  •         89% more favorite
  •         150% more retweets than text only tweets

Images on Facebook deliver:

  •         39% more Interaction
  •         53% more likes
  •         104% more comments
  •         84% more click-throughs on links than text-based posts

ShareasImage Is User Friendly

The beauty of ShareasImage.com is that it’s so user friendly and nothing like over-complicated software such as photoshop or indesign. The free software on this site allows you to create beautiful and unique graphics in a minute or two. It’s so accessible; you’ll find it’s easy to develop your own style quickly. Rodman says his clients range from big corporations to small business owners, coaches, and social media consultants among others, who create stunning or fun images for greater social media engagement.

Done is Better than Perfect

Adam also made another excellent point, “Done is better than perfect. If you are trying to perfect something, you are taking time away from other productive opportunities.” With ShareasImage, you can be done quickly, share your image and be on to the next task. Boom, you’re done, move on!

Look for Creative Commons License

While the site provides many royalty free photos to choose from, Rodman cautions business owners about where they pick up the images they use because owners can come after you legally. He suggests looking for royalty free creative commons images referred to as CC0 which don’t require attribution.

Since you are putting effort into generating social media engagement, you might as well make it that much more powerful by adding elegant images to your posts. Check out www.ShareasImage.com for a simple way to make the images you need.

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