Social Media Marketing Overwhelm? Here’s the Quick Fix!

One of the great things about automating your social media is that you are forced to actually make a plan, and stick to it. You will post and tweet much more regularly, and think about it less. Best of all, you’ll be able to track results, see what’s working, and change what isn’t!

Which social media productivity tool is best for you, out of the wide variety that currently exists?

We’re going to give you an in depth look at the most popular ones in upcoming posts. Let’s start with Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is a dashboard that lets you handle all your social sites in one place. You can distribute highly targeted messages across multiple channels. There is a free version, and a paid version, which is quite inexpensive. The benefit of the paid version is that you get to add many more social networks than with the free version.

Features and Benefits of Hootsuite

  • Easy scheduling/publishing: Once you start with Hootsuite, you will use the feature they call “publisher” to schedule your social sharing. Imagine sitting down and brainstorming a month’s worth of tweets, based on a specific product launch, new service, or other marketing objective—as opposed to just randomly sending out tweets. With Hootsuite, it’s simple to schedule tweets for a week or month in advance: you can schedule Facebook or LinkedIn Posts, even upload videos to YouTube.
  • Monitor social engagement: You can respond to a tweet or a Facebook message without ever leaving Hootsuite! Share easily and simply, with the click of your mouse, across literally dozens of social networks. As the folks at Hootsuite like to say, “save your time and save your sanity.”
  • Integrate email campaigns: If you use Constant Contact or MailChimp for email campaigns, there are apps to integrate them with Hootsuite as well.
  • Analyze your social media results: They also have a feature called “analytics.” This feature allows you to “monitor the success of your social media efforts with branded, printable reports that you can share with other HootSuite users. Select from over 30 analytics modules to customize your interactive report.” This multi-tasking site will even integrate with Google Analytics, and track clicks for you. In other words, you can track your social media success, print and share a report, and thoroughly impress your social-media-skeptical CEO!
  • Great customer service: Since I use Hootsuite myself for my social media, I can tell you that their customer service efficiently and quickly handles any questions or issues that you might run into.

Hootsuite is perfect for small to medium sized companies, and those who are just starting out with social media. I suggest going onto their site and taking a look around. Check out this great video about Hootsuite’s social analytics!

For more information about how to run a successful social media marketing campaign, why not give us a call at the office!

Warm Regards,
Heather Lutze

Author, Internet Marketing Speaker, Trainer and Consultant


About Heather Lutze:

Heather is the acclaimed speaker, trainer, and consultant who literally wrote the book on search engine marketing. Two books, in fact—The Findability Formula: The Easy, Non-Technical Approach to Search Engine Marketing and Thumbonomics: The Essential Business Roadmap for Social Media & Mobile Marketing. Her writing and in-demand keynotes are delivered with the same witty, “no-geek-speak” style that has managed to demystify internet marketing for countless business owners. Breaking free of corporate “cubicle” jobs over ten years ago with nothing more than a dream of entrepreneurship and a computer in the basement, Heather built her business, The Findability Group, into a multimillion dollar company. Today she leads a dedicated and slightly obsessed team of search marketing pros—their mission—to connect clients with their perfect customers online.


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