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Heather was a speaker at our Vistage group a while back. We used her methods to create a new sitemap for our website and stopped spending $20k a year for a third-party SEO provider. We were really happy with the process and the results. We have more organic traffic and conversions now than ever before.

Aaron Motola

President - Pick On Us

If you feel like you are in a fog about SEO, then Heather Lutze is the expert coach you need. I reviewed one of our coaching session recordings and realized I asked the same question three times. With patience and clarity, Heather address each issue. I felt I was facing a tsunami of information, but at each step of the website journey, Heather was there to lead the way. In addition, she’s a master of customer service. She responds quickly, models what needs to be done and shares resources. Don’t wait. Contact Heather to attack your findability issues.

Geraldine Markel

PhD , Managing Your Mind Coaching & Seminars


‘Heather and Carleen have mastered the art (and science) of how to get found online. Their process goes beyond ‘normal SEO’ and gives you a blueprint for multiplying your reach and dominating your market place online. They have been great fun to work with and I would highly recommend them!’

Mike Giles

CMO FD Centre - London

I  wanted to thank you again for coming in and working with us. You helped us discover opportunities that we didn’t even know we had which I know will help Esch prosper in the future. It was some of the most thought-provoking and interesting marketing conversations I think I’ve ever had! I just wanted to thank you again for all the tips, tricks, and amazing ideas that you and Findability were able to help us uncover. Dan and I are super eager to start creating content and bringing all of our ideas to life!

Dan Esch


‘We engaged Findability for a VIP 1 Year agreement after she blew us away on a 2 day workshop. We saw the findability light. We are working with her for a year but we have moved mountains in a short period of time. Inside of 3 months, we had a new findable company name, logo, findability keywords and new site. We now have a findable web presence for Hydrotestpros.com – Hydrotest getting 15600 searches per year. We are thrilled.’

Paige Melancon

Chief Executive Officer


“Heather had our longest session at 90 minutes and I was concerned that it might be too long.  Not only was it not long enough, our attendees where visibly disappointed that when her time on the agenda ended.  How often does that happen?  Our attendees came away with a notebook full of notes and rated her a 5 out of 5.”

Carl Blackwell


Heather worked with my marketing team for about two months as we got our website up…..she was extremely easy to work with and gave clear and understandable direction on how to optimize our findability without paying for placement. The results so far are astounding!!. I had expected that we would receive a number of calls from local small businesses looking to do minor renovations (which was not our goal). In the past two months we have received at least two inquiries a week off of the web and have written proposals for a number of large projects for major companies such as the New York Times, Book of the Month Club, major hotel owners, and just yesterday we got a call from Google (kind of ironic). I expect that we will close approx $500K in new business in the next couple of weeks due to this SEO work.”

Dash Design

“I wanted to let you know what enormous value we have received from our work with Heather Lutze and her company Findability University. After Heather presented to our Vistage group, I contacted her about working with my marketing team to help us with our organic SEO. We were in the process of creating an interim website and in the past had very little new business come from our site….and when I say “little”, I think we might have received one call a year. All of our new business had been from outreach, word of mouth, and networking.

David Ashen

dash design


Take Heather’s course. I learned a lot! You will, too! As they say in the ads on TV, “sign up NOW!”

Tiffini Schwarzkopf

Besides having a wealth of information, Heather Lutze is a kind and caring teacher. You can feel how much she wants you to succeed.

Vicki Hitzges

RN, MS, Top 5 Healthcare Speakers


The Findability University has made the unmanageable SEO, manageable! Heather has been great teaching us how to really understand how SEO works and how to decide which keywords we should try to rank for. She provides us with tools on her website which are extremely helpful and she’s always checking in to make sure we’re still on track. Thanks Heather for a fantastic learning experience!

Melanie Beth Smithson

We paid a lot of money to have a new site designed and launched. The company did nothing about optimization in search engines during the design phase. They did offer to conduct SEO on the site after the launch for a monthly fee. Heather Lutze and her fantastic Findability University program cost us less than one month’s fee. It is so perfect as it allows us to save money but best of all as our company’s capabilities increase we can add them to the site using Heather’s Findability techniques and GET RESULTS!

Cindy Kent


I took the Findability University course and fell in love!!! It opened up my eyes to how search engines get information, how to spy on your competitor to see what keywords they’re using, and my favorite, the helpful outline of how to layout your website to get the best possible traffic. I didn’t realize you could have crumbs all over your website and that’s what search engines pick up on, I could work on optimizing my website all day if I had that much time! Thank you Heather and I will continue to put to use everything you’ve taught me!

Kathy Schleicher Mayer

The Findability Webinar should come with a warning: side effects include creativity, capability and excitability that may result in more focus, impact, leads and revenue.


Heather has equipped me to totally change my website and helped me to “pick a lane.” She is not only an SEO expert, but has a true teacher’s heart, which stands tall in my book!

Terri Langhans


Heather Lutze’s Findability program has demystified and simplified how SEO works. More importantly, she teaches how it “works” for the customer, which is the point of it all! Who cares if you rank for a “keyword.” If no one’s actually looking for that, if it’s not truly the buyer’s or customer’s language, who cares? I now know how to slay the G__gle dragon. The principles learned here will eliminate the blur in your business, and your customer focus will become clear.

Deborah Denham Johnson

“Teach a man to fish, you’ll feed him for a lifetime.” That’s what Findability has done for us. It’s more than just hiring someone to come in and fix it once. It’s empowering you to fix it forever.

Heather Nichols