Thumbonomics Chapter Two — Internet Marketing Made Easier With a Social Media Marketing Road-Map

What if you had a detailed, comprehensive, step by step road-map for social media marketing success? Would that make it easier to take your company into tweeting, blogging or video-ing? Chapter 2 of Thumbonomics lays it all out for you in six easy steps.

Here are the highlights of Chapter 2….

Start out with a leadership team meeting, bringing all your executives and brand managers on board. Many of them may have fears regarding engaging in social media—this is the way you can allay those fears and talk about all relevant issues.

What goes on in the leadership meeting? You’ll define your objectives and goals for your social media program. Having clear cut goals will allow you to focus your efforts, and assess whether or not your program is working after six months or a year goes by. Without goals, you’ll be just fumbling in the dark.

Create a start-up committee to oversee your social media program. Needless to say, this should consist of a few excited and savvy social media advocates. You could include someone from HR, sales, IT, marketing, PR, etc. Obviously, the size of your business will inform the size of your committee. You might want to hire a Social Media Brand Manager to oversee your social media efforts, if appropriate to the size of your firm.

For small firms, a committee of two or even one person is perfectly appropriate.

Next up, you’ll pick the appropriate social media portals to start with, including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, and now, Google+. (Google+ is already up to 67 million users after only a few short months in existence!) Again, a large corporation with a full social media team might want to jump into all six sites at once, whereas a solo-preneur might pick the one or two which are most appropriate to her business.

By the way, Thumbonomics was written before Google+ hit the internet. There is no specific chapter telling you how to optimize your profile or get the most out of this portal. But, I can guarantee that by the time youhave finished reading Thumbonomics—you will be social media savvy enough to do it on your own.

Thumbonomics includes real case studies of how different companies use social media. Chapter 2 includes the findability makeover of Taxmasters, showing you how a specific social media program was implemented for a real company, to solve their issues and build their brand.

Please stick around, in future posts I’ll be giving you the highlights of each chapter of this book. But if you can’t wait, and you know that 2012 is the time for you to take your business social—you can order Thumbonomics right here, right now!

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