Thumbonomics Launch Party Combines Wine, Food, Fun—and Internet Marketing

Proving that internet marketing agency geeks can party with the best of them, the Findability Group threw a fantastic bash to celebrate the launch of Thumbonomics: The Essential Business Roadmap for Social Media & Mobile Marketing. The festivities were held at a favorite local hangout, Cru A Wine Bar, and from the looks of it—a good time was had by all.

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us. I can’t wait to hear your feedback aboutThumbonomics, (have you read it yet?) and want to take this opportunity again to thank everyone who helped make this book a reality.

Topics of conversation overheard at the party included the emergence of Google+ as a force on the social media scene, and how quickly Google will rank a post on their own social site. (No surprise there!) Believe it or not, I actually heard one small business owner saying she still did not have a website, and had no idea what blogging was!

One of the main objections to social media marketing we hear from big corporate executives and small business owners alike is that they don’t have anything to write about, and don’t believe anyone would actually be interested in what they do write. But in fact, those who are interested in your company want to learn more about who you are and what you do. If you were to read Thumbonomics, (and you can order it right here!) you would already know that we recommend writing about any and all company events as content for your social media sites.

The thing that social media-phobes don’t get is this: social media is adored by those who like to stay connected to others. It’s about being social! What better way to be social than to “invite” everyone who couldn’t make your party (perhaps because they live halfway across the world?) to share in the fun, via social media?

Here’s how we will follow our own advice:

  • For starters, we are blogging about the party, right here! This blog will be ported right onto our Facebook business page.  (Do you have one? They only take a short time to set up… That would be a perfect way to get going with online marketing for that aforementioned business owner with no website!)
  • Staff members were mingling, munching and taking photos, and not just for sentimental value and fond memories. Photos make your blog posts and social media posts more interesting to your fans. People always like to see a face with a story. It’s social—get it!
  • We had a videographer on hand, to capture the fun in motion. That video will likely wind up on our YouTube channel. (Do you have a YouTube channel? It’s easier than you think—and you certainly don’t need a professional videographer. Chapter 10 of Thumbonomics tells you just how to do it.)

So, while we certainly didn’t have the party to improve our ranking in the search engines—why shouldn’t we take advantage of that opportunity? And why shouldn’t you do the same? If you post a blog, video, Tweet, or Facebook post about your company’s party, make sure to include one of your important, high ranking keywords in both the title, and the body of the text.

For more information about Thumbonomics: watch the latest addition to our YouTube channel—a short video with author Heather Lutze.

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