Tips for a successful presentation: Show a movie clip, but make sure you have the licensing rights!

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As a professional speaker I am always looking for new ways to make my presentations more successful. Although I never stop learning and applying new tips to my presentations, I have found one strategy that continually works well.

One of the top tips for a successful presentation I have found is to show a movie clip. Showing clips, especially humorous ones, always adds a lot of interest and fun. For example, I love including clips from Office Space, specifically when the main character knocks down his cubicle to get a better view of the outdoors. Clips can help keep your audience engaged while not over-straining them, which is essential in any professional presentation. More importantly, when applied to sales, it could make or break a deal.

Of course, it is extremely important to ensure you have rights to the movies you are showing. I have found that the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation has the best value for a license, as well as covers an enormous number of poplar movies. You can contact Vice President of Key Accounts, Erica Haupert at 800-462-8855, ext 3010 or at, or you  can visit their site at

In a recession economy, it is extremely important to think outside of the box and continually give presentations which impress your audiences. Getting the rights to show a video and starting to implement them in your pitch is a tip that I wholly recommend to take your presentations to the next level.

Feel free to leave comments on additional tips for a successful presentation you have found!

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