Tips For Starting A Podcast

Have you heard of a podcast? 

Well, everyone’s talking about them. It is the latest and greatest way to create content and be an expert in your industry. I’m going to show you easy ways to start podcasting. How to get guests and ultimately how to syndicate that content online.

Sometimes there are trends in digital marketing. Podcasts used to be for the nerds, like people who like to have very specific interest in one specific thing. Well, those days are gone. 

Podcasts have become mainstream and through things like iTunes and Apple podcasts and stitchers and some of these podcast sites, you can find a podcast on anything that makes you happy or that you’re interested in.

How do you create content and that’s focused on what you know for sure? Podcasting is a great way. Remember in some of my other videos, I talked about how is it an expert should focus on one piece of content and do it well. Then give that over to your vendors and share amongst all your social platforms.

A podcast is perfect because you line up guests who make you look smarter. I mean I need all the help I can get. If I can get like people from Canva and Yahoo and google and I can get them on a podcast and I interview them for like 12 to 15 minutes, which makes me look instantly smarter. 

We just get on the phone, I use a zoom meeting and we have a conversation. I record it and then I publish it. 

Now, there was a lot of learning moments as I went through this whole process. I want to walk you through some of the elements that are critical that you’ll need to have for a podcast to be successful. 

Do you have time?

Doing a podcast is a very time-consuming process. I’ve done about 20 podcasts. I’ve on hiatus now because I’m doing a video. So, I feel like you need to pick and choose. I did 20 podcasts. It was fun, it was a lot of herding cats. 

Chasing down guests became the hardest thing we had to do. So, I would pick a list of all these people I wanted my podcast. I would find them on LinkedIn and then I would have my assistant sort of get a hold of them and see if we could get them on an interview.

Well, as podcasting becomes more and more popular, these people are getting a lot of requests for podcasting and they’re not getting paid to be guests on these podcasts. If you’re going after someone famous, probably not going to get them. 

Try to look at guests who have very specific knowledge in one specific area that relates to your field. Those are going to be people that are much more inclined to be interviewed than not. 

Podcast Page

The next thing is you’ll see here on my screen, this is my podcast page. As I scroll down, you’ll see that I’ve got the introduction to the podcast. I’ve also got what they call a podcast thumbnail.

I have a custom logo just for my podcast called search party. I also have my name on the podcast and then underneath it is the essential online marketing business podcast and my photo and then my title. 

You must have a face on these thumbnails because when I’m going through all of the different marketing experts who are doing podcasts, the ones that have faces always do better than the ones that just have text.

Remember to always put your face on anything that you want more of a response to. There are reasons why realtors put their faces on their business cards. Because they know that it’s about facial recognition and recognizing them when you go to buy a house.

Having your face on things, it’s important and a lot of people don’t feel real comfortable with that. But for podcasting, it’s all about pulling back the curtains and making sure they know who they’re talking to and who they’re listening to. 

You have Google Play, you have iTunes and you have a tool called Stitcher. There’s a lot of other things that you can subscribe to. Then, of course, you can do a thorough Castbox or DoggCatcher podcasting for Android which works great.

“What is a podcast exactly?”

Is it different than a radio station? Or like what exactly is a podcast?” A podcast is similar to a website except for the fact that it’s all audio, okay? So, it’s like a mini radio station on a very specific topic. 

Lisbon is going to help you syndicate your content. So, here’s how it works. I get someone on the phone for a zoom meeting. I have a list of questions that I’ve already prepared. It’s very important in your preparation here is that you looked at their website, at their LinkedIn.

You find out what school they went to. Also, find out what books they’ve written. So, you’re fully prepared when you get on that call with them to ask them really good quality questions. 

Secondly, make sure that you have prepped your guests beforehand on what to expect. A lot of people are not comfortable being on a radio interview which is more or less what it is.

You want to make sure that their audio is good, that they can get on the zoom meeting; that they’re not in their car; they’re not driving to the airport or waiting to board a plane. That they’re in a quiet location that is gonna be great for recording.

Podfly It’s a great company. To guys help you once you have that zoom recording, you send it to them and then they create the podcast for you. Now, I hired a gentleman who has this wonderful voice and it’s Glenn Thayer. And he has a wonderful voiceover.

Now Lipson is what syndicates it to all of the different sites. Now, once you’re in here, you can go ahead and you can take a look at all the content. They give you a beautiful dashboard to be able to do this. And you can look at all your content, you can also see how is that content doing, how is it performing. 

I am amazed at the amount of watch time or listen time I have on these videos. It is crazy. 

Then I can course come in here. and you’ll see that I have a whole description of her bio as well as her photo. We must understand that it be findable that I have all the right images on it and that when I share this social. 

People can click on that and immediately listen to it on their mobile device or whatever they’re listening to it.

However, if that’s the one thing you’re going to focus on then you need of course the guests. You got to have the zoom meeting. You need to have the Lipson account. If you’re not going to produce your audio then you need to have a company like podfly. 

The greatest advice that I can give you is to give it a try. You know, go in there knock, yourself out, you’ll get better and better over time. The more interviews you have, the better you will get. 

Podcasting a lot of work. Podcasting is a lot of fun!

But again, look at your life as a marketer. What do you want to put your energy into? Is it videos like I’m doing now? Is it a podcast? Don’t make yourself overworked and don’t spread yourself too thin. Do one thing really well and podcasting might be a perfect fit for you.

Isn’t podcasting totally cool? Like I just feel younger even doing podcasting. So, we got to do what we got to do. But podcasting can be a great way to build your business and show your expertise.

Think about how can I create a podcast that’s going to be really impactful to my business. Let’s start a conversation and Let’s get you started on your path to becoming Findable. Book A Call

Watch the full video here: Tips For Starting A Podcast

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