Twitter for Business Results – Does This Make Sense For My Business?

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“Your Tweets are hurting my Facebook and you are invading MySpace!”

How is Twitter relevant in a REAL business world. 

By Heather Lutze, Owner Lutze Consulting

If you are considering using Twitter as part of  your business internet marketing plan, I would suggest you visit your pay per click account performance. Twitter can be a very powerful tool but nobody cares about what you had for lunch or what your weekend activities were? You MUST be strategic when you post using Twitter. When you “tweet” you must think this to yourself, “What is my search engine objective when I tweet?” or “What end result do I want from this tweet? Establish myself as an expert, market my product or service””. Take a look at your TOP PPC performers that get you conversions. Which keywords can you use in your “tweets” and also give a link or a URL for a download that positions you as an expert in your field.

When I tweet I start my posts as “Internet Marketing Speaker Heather Lutze: Visit blog post XYX for great info on keyword research tools”.  This positions me as an expert on Internet marketing and that I speak on this topic. If I am an expert, would I not give tips and advice on how to be more productive and successful in SEO, PPC and SEM strategies? This is the only way you are going to build a “following” community of people who care about your expertise and will follow you to keep getting this great advice. I am not telling them about my lunch or my hobbies. This is the major difference between a tweet that is valuable to you as a business or a non-sense tweet that  means nothing to anybody who reads it. It only tells people you have a bit too much time on your hands to pay attention to your business.

Think Before You Twitter! 

Always keep the goal in mind when you Twitter. Don’t waste people’s time and text messaging on their cell phone with worthless tweets. Give people valuable information that pertains to your field and keep giving them new ideas because YOUR ARE THE EXPERT! Tweets will tell them for sure.

One Comments “Twitter for Business Results – Does This Make Sense For My Business?

  1. Dear Heather
    As a new Twitterer I am still on a learning curve. I really appreciated your article because it makes so much sense to think before you tweet. You also have shared some great ideas for using Twitter in ways that can benefit a specific business.
    thanks so Much
    Julie Roberts

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