The Findability Formula for Twitter – 140 Characters
to Business Success

Listen to Thumbonomics Chapter 8: Twitter Findability

Twitter logoDo you think tweeting is for the birds? Have you ever thought, “Twitter’s not for business… Twitter’s for teenagers… Twitter’s a waste of time… I just don’t get it!”

#Customers… This social media site is often overlooked by businesses that either don’t get it, or can’t quite figure out how to successfully use it. But Twitter can be a major asset in building your brand and engaging with people who need what you have to offer – your customers!


Take a look:

With over 140 million active users, 460,000 new users added every day, and at least 350 million tweets flying across the net on a daily basis, Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. (source: )

Why pass up such an incredible opportunity to connect with potential customers?

#Engaging… In this engaging and informative talk, Heather will show you the true potential of Twitter for business, providing easy to implement, practical Twitter strategies that make sense. Attendees will learn the ins and outs of participating in real-time conversations, connecting directly with consumers and influencers in their respective target markets, and last, but hardly least, generating new business.

#Actionable… In this lively presentation, Twitter speaker @HeatherLutze covers:

  • Building a Twitter following that’s interested in your brand:

Just getting “follows” is not enough; you need people who are genuinely interested in engaging with you and learning more about what you do.

  • Setting up and optimizing your Twitter account for Findability:

This is always the first step. Learn how to do it right!

  • To tweet or not to tweet – the how’s, what’s and why’s:

Learn what to tweet to promote engagement. Remember, Twitter is a social networking site, emphasis on the word social.

  • Making sense of #hashtags:

Get in on the conversations that matter to your business. Better yet, generate the conversation yourself!

If your audience just doesn’t “get” twitter, then you need an adept Twitter speaker!

Heather is on a mission to dispel the myths, convert the naysayers, and teach the essential tactics, tips and tools to market your business on Twitter. This is the Findability Formula for Twitter – a total “how-to” approach at dominating search results and market share online.

*Talk to us about having Heather’s book, Thumbonomics: The Essential Business Roadmap for Social Media & Mobile Marketing available for your audience. It has a comprehensive chapter about Twitter findability that will enhance and expand upon what attendees learn in Heather’s talk.

Learn how to use hashtags to promote your next event on Twitter!

“Thank-you for participating in this year’s Business Leadership Series at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. I’ve received “glowing” feedback from attendees of your sessions, many of whom consider it the best social networking education session they’ve ever attended. Even better, they digested the key points you shared, and immediately went back to their businesses to implement the tactics. There’s nothing better than providing this kind of relevant, tangible, actionable education, and I wanted to let you know how impactful it was.”

~~Elizabeth J. Reed
PGA Worldwide Golf Exhibitions

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