Ultimate Website Design Checklist to Follow in 2021


Man, there is so much stuff to do when you go to update or create a website. Domain names, images, graphics, content. I’m going to break down the ultimate Web Design checklist so that you know you’re hitting all the right points and also read this blog all the way to the end because I’m going to have a special gift for you that’s going to make this super easy.

Would you like a website checklist? 

I mean you go into a meeting with a designer and they immediately go to the look and feel? I want to encourage you that while that’s the fun part.

But I want to take a step back and I want you to think about how do you prepare for a good website design? So, I’ve got a quick checklist. 

What we’re looking at here is there are some really critical elements that have to be set up before you get to the website design. 

Executive Login Sheet

The first one is something I would call my Executive Login Sheet. Make sure to continue reading until the end because my last tip is going to be the most important tip and you’re going to want to make sure you get that information. 

When you log in to the Executive Login Sheet you will see a link below. It has all of the elements that Google wants to see as part of your overall trust and authority. A lot of times, I cannot believe it when I sit down and I meet with business owners, they’re like, “Who’s got our social media logins?” They’re like, “Ah, did their intern set those up? Uh, Mike, do you know? Did the last guy do that?” Like, it’s a mess. 

As an owner of a business, you’ve got to have these logins locked and loaded. I want you to have a copy up on the web or on the cloud and I want you to have one printed. (Old-school) Printed in two and in a file on your desk that’s locked. 

I know it’s old school but you know what? Sometimes when shit hits the fan, you just pull that puppy out and you have all the logins you need. Make sure you know where all those logins are. 

Webmaster Tools

I know that sounds pretty nerdy but bear with me. So, you have what’s called webmaster tools. Also called search console. Now, if you go to Google Webmaster Tools, you’re going to be able to set it up. What it is is it’s a direct line to Google and how Google is seeing and indexing your website.

Google Webmaster Tools is also called Search Console and you’re going to set it up going to set up your HTTPS as well as your HTTP. That it resolves to HTTPS. This purity is so important for your website.

Having security is another one of my essential checklist items. So, set up webmaster tools. Make sure it’ll walk you through all the steps. If your website goes down, you get penalized. You’re going to go right to website webmaster tools. It’ll tell you exactly what’s going on which is great. 


The next one is HTTPS. So, have you guys seen those? Right at the top of the domain. It’s called a secured domain. Now, let’s put ourselves in the shoes of Google for a minute. If you have a competitor that has HTTPS right at the front of their domain and you do not, who would you trust more? 

Whether you take credit cards or not, whether you’re doing transactions, you need to have HTTPS. It is a secure environment. The problem is a lot of us have WordPress websites and WordPress is fantastic but it has some security issues. 

You want to make sure that you call your hosts and ask for a secured server and a dedicated one. This is the big one, a dedicated IP and that’s Internet Protocol. 

Dedicated IP 

The final is going to be a dedicated IP and I know that sounds really geeky again. But again, we remember we’re talking to a robot. When it’s coming to the website, it wants to make sure that you’ve built credibility and it trusts you. 

Think of IP addresses like cul de sacs. You’ve got a lot of people that are living on that same block. Also called an IP block in the world of hosting. Now, what happens is you might have someone who’s doing deceptive practice. 

Maybe there’s a neighbor who’s doing poor linking strategies or maybe there’s one that’s been banned on Google. So, we wouldn’t know that we’re being penalized by the company we’ll keep on that IP block or a cul-de-sac. 

Like my cul de sac, wherein after we moved there was a truck rally every weekend with all of his diesel truck friends. Great! Would have been nice to have known that before we moved in. But anyway, you don’t know what you’re moving into. 

Make sure you call your hosts. Tell them I want a secured server and sharing is not caring. I want a dedicated IP. Here’s my checklist, make sure you have all of your logins. You can download that sheet below. 

Webmaster tools, claim your account, set it up. Make sure you have a secured server (HTTPS) on every page of the website, that’s so important. And finally, one of the most important is caring is not sharing, dedicated IP. You’ll need to call your host.

Go through this list, they’ll be able to set you up. Protect yourself especially when we’re so excited to get to the design, take a step back, and go through my checklist. Make sure that you’ve done your due diligence to set up a trustworthy website at the very technical level. 

Then when you add it you wrap it in something beautiful, it’s going to be found. This is really the essence of having a truly findable website is that you are technically trustworthy then you bring the design. 

Did you like what you read? Well, if you have other ideas, questions, concerns, post them in the comments below. I’ve been doing this for 15 years. Helping business owners get found online and there is a lot. 


Well, what we do is we take it, we chunk it down and we make them easy and tactical so you can go in and do them right away. 

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