Customer Journey Map: Using a Candy Land Map to Close More Clients Fast!

Do remember Candy Land?
How a Customer Journey Map is a Game Changer! 

Watch this original video on the beloved board game

Have you heard of a customer journey map?

This week’s blog covers how to convert prospects into clients using a Customer Journey Map I call a Candy Land Map. You heard that right, who would have thought a game we played as children would help us land new clients? After all that is what we want isn’t it?

We have all been there having a conversation with a prospect that we would like to convert into a client and struggling to bring them along. It is frustrating and a challenge to show your prospect why they should work with you.

After struggling to explain a complex path made simple, that is when the Candy Land Map was created.

A Candy Land map makes it easy to show a prospect the simple way that your process works and how simple it is for your client to follow the steps leading to success in the coaching relationship with you because it spells every step out.

Here is an example, Here is my Candy Land Map

When I am doing a Findability Review after I run the woorank and SEM Rush Reports, I pull up this Candy Land Map and show the prospective client what the process is to becoming “Findable” it is a no nonsense approach and shows the prospective client the exact process we use when and if they decide to partner up with us.

As you can see it is simple it starts with the conversation (Findability Review) and it walks them through the steps and different packages so they have an idea of what they want to accomplish in their work with us, Makes the process simpler and more understandable am I right?


First step in the process is the Findability Review, this is where we sit down, pull back the curtain and look at the current state of your website and how Google Sees It, we uncover the good, the bad and the downright ugly of the underbelly of your website. You can schedule your very own Findability Review here… You knew I had to include that, right?



Next step in the process is creating your online Marketing Plan…This is where we start putting your Keyword Research and Competitors research into action…


Next step in the process is Keyword Research, this is where the fun starts, you get to look at your competitors keywords usage and see how you can piggyback off of their keywords and rank for them and take over their rankings.


Next Step is creating your sitemap, this is where your hard work pays off so far this is where you begin to create your website and not only making it functional, but Findable..Like I always say you can have a beautifully unfindable site or a beautiful Findable Site.


Now this step is where your creative juices and my coach Carleen says you start creating  content that uses the keywords that you have researched and have added to the underbelly of your website.This is what is going to make your website findable…using those keywords and creating content that your customers are searching for. Now that we did our keyword research, spied on our competitors and has sitemap done and have created content now we get to build a website. This is the part where a lot of business owners draw a blank when it comes to design. So do not forget to use a Customer Journey Map to win new business.

My website guru Paritosh Pareek, of took the anxiety and stress out of building my website and created a Beautiful Website, the relationship between a business owner and their web designer is an important partnership, trust is imperative and you need to have an open communication with your web designer.


Blogging is an important step in maintaining your relevance according to Google you need to keep your customers engaged and what better way than seeing what topics your customers are looking to you to explain or promote… Like it or not blogging is important. The last step and this is what keeps your website at the top of the search results this is what happens once your website is ready to go, you need to post to all your Social Media Outlets these are your best marketing tools, with more and more people every day using Social Media for everything from finding products to ordering food to be delivered and everything in between.

DON’T DROP THE BALL ON BLOGGING AND SOCIAL. They are critical elements of proving that you are not just a one trick pony with a new site that you never touch again, you are committed to ongoing expertise.


Here is a Candy Land Map that one of my Findability Graduates and Mastery Circle Clients Mary Foley, she is a women’s empowerment coach at She added a level of fun in a pretty complex consulting process. Way to go lady!


Mary walking us through her Candy Land Map at our San Diego Retreat

If you are ready to take the next step set up a Findability Review with me and my Findability Certified Coach Carleen Clearwater…  Findability Review.


Speaking of Mary Foley, Here is her feedback of the Retreat and Mastery Circle.

There are 3 ways to work with me, First off is Findability Accelerate Retreats, you fly into a gorgeous location for 2 days and leave with a 90 day plan for implementation we take an intensive deep dive and peel back the layers and get you ready to take over the top of the search results..

Our Next Retreat is June 13th and 14th in Beautiful Denver Colorado..

You can learn about it here
Join Us In Denver June 13th-14th

Give me a call at 1-303-841-3111 or call my assistant Gail at 1-303-841-3111 Ext. 402 or email her at

See you at the top of Search Results Very Soon! #getfound

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