Using LinkedIn for Business

Neglecting LinkedIn in Your Social Media Marketing Efforts? Thumbonomics, Chap. 9 Will Change Your Mind

What do execs from all Fortune 500 companies have that you might not have? No, it’s not the salary… Or the six figure bonuses… It’s a LinkedIn profile! Although we’ve covered LinkedIn before in this blog, l it gets the least press of all the major social media marketing portals. That leads me to suspect you might be neglecting it.

Don’t! Using LinkedIn for Business could be your best kept secret.
In Chapter 9 of Thumbonomics: the Essential Business Roadmap for Social Media & Mobile Marketing, you’ll learn why LinkedIn is equally as important as those other social media news hogs, and exactly what to do with it.

Remember, each of these big social media sites also functions as a search engine, and the LinkedIn members who are searching within that site could be valuable connections, prospects, sources of information, and leads that you might never find any other way. LinkedIn is simply a fantastic way to network nationwide with peers in your industry, give yourself exposure as an expert, and even – gasp – find out exactly what your competitors are up to in a completely legitimate way.

Using LinkedIN for Business:

Exactly how to set up your LinkedIn profile to help you rank under your important keywords in a Google search

  •  Enhance your company’s rep and gather professional referrals.
  • Set up an official company profile and don’t stop there. Did you realize all your employees should also do their individual business profiles?
  •  Here’s why:  Each employee’s profile can be optimized for a different high value keyword. Chapter 9 shows you how to train your employees to do this. Can you imagine what a boost this could give your company in search rankings?
  • Use LinkedIn applications to get double duty out of your company blog or tweets, they can show up right on your LinkedIn homepage.

Did you know you can (and probably should) follow thought leaders in your industry right on LinkedIn?

Here are some suggestions of people using LinkedIn for business:

Chapter 9 also contains a Findability Makeover, which is not so much a makeover as it is a tutorial in how I use LinkedIn to promote the Findability Group and my public speaking career.  Check me out on LinkedIn.

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