Using Twitter for Business: Twitter is Not Just for the Birds

Using Twitter for Business: Thumbonomics Chapter 8

Think Twitter is for nit-wits? Think tweeting is the one form of internet marketing that’s just not for you? That nothing valid or important could be said in 140 characters?

If so, you’re not alone. Not by a long shot.

But I want to ask you a very important question… the answer to which could have pretty important ramifications to your bottom line:

Are you ready to change your mind?

Are you ready to bust through your judgments and preconceptions and take advantage of a frankly amazing social media marketing opportunity–using twitter for business.

If you are ready, then Chapter 8 of Thumbonomics– The Essential Business Roadmap for Social Media and Moblie Marketing will tell you everything you need to know about the least understood of the big five social media portals–Twitter.

Using Twitter for Business

Thumbonomics Chapter 8 Discusses:

  • How to set up a professional Twitter account– reserving your company name, all trademarks, brand names and product names — and make your page stand out and reflect your professional image.
  • Where and when and how to include one or more of those all-important keyword phrases in your profile description and in your tweets.
  • How to save time and automate with a monthly tweeting plan, and which tools we recommend to do that with
  • What to tweet! Yes, that very issue has stopped more than one would be social media marketer dead in their tracks, but it doesn’t have to. Mix up your tweets with quotes, industry news, tools, jokes, retweets, promo codes, and your thoughts and options about what’s going on in your (business) life.
  • How to build followers. After all, there’s no point tweeting if no one’s reading. Start by inviting your staff and email lists to follow you, providing great content in your tweets, and –very important– following industry leaders.

When using twitter for business, you will need to utilize these types of tools:

Chapter 8 also has another of our popular and practical Findability Makeovers: How does executive speech coach Patricia Fripp tweet to get more clients?

Once you get the hang of twitter and see how it can be used for your particular business marketing needs, I think you’ll be surprised and delighted. Dare I suggest, you might even find it fun and informative? But you’ll never know if you aren’t willing to open your mind and give it a try.

Using Twitter for Business is only one of the many social media topics discussed in Thumbonomics.

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