Veronica Cannady

Motto: You Can Do This, Im Here to Help!
Life Motto: “Never go with a hippie to a second location. – 30 Rock”
Fav Movie: Mary Poppins.
Fav Food: Dehydrated red pepper flax crust topped with tomatoes marinated in miso and lemon juice sprinkled with soaked cashews first strained with a cheesecloth and blessed by vegan unicorns.
Fav Drink: 2013 or older Washington red wine from Red Mountain region, preferably harvested when Venus is in her exaltation sign in Libra.

Veronica is an SEO, Web Design, and Marketing strategist who applies best practices distilled from over a decade of applied experience in small business & tech industries.

She specializes in methodologies that make websites and conversion effective. She identified the Findability Formula as the most effective process for being found and credible online for organic SEO results.

Veronica has been mentored directly under Heather Lutze, Dean of Findability University and is Findability Certified.