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We are thrilled you have taken this next big leap in your business to become Findable online to customers who are ready to buy.
In this site, you will have unprecedented access to the latest thought leadership, videos, webinars, white papers and exclusive invitations to events.
We are going to have a great time demystifying SEO what I like to call “Findability” online. Let’s crack the code together, have fun and learn a ton to move our business to the next level.
If you have any questions regarding logins, membership levels or anything else, please contact Dede Stockton at or call us direct at 888-588-9326.

Make Every Click Count!

Heather Lutze
Master Trainer and Owner
Findability University

You’re doing it wrong and wasting valuable time and money – UNLESS … you get expert help.

Working with Heather and her team, at Findability helps you understand:

THE WHO – who can see your website;

THE WHAT – what to do to change your online presence;

THE WHEN – NOW… the time is now, you need to make changes;

THE WHERE – what keywords get you to where you need to be, to be seen;

THE WHY – this part is scientific know-how on how to rank with Google’s search engines, if no one finds your website, do you really have online presence?

AND HOW – this part is the best, we show you HOW to do it, how to organize yourself. We take a daunting task, and makes it to a do-able, fun project.

Tiffini Schwarzkopf
Take Heather’s course. I learned a lot! You will, too! As they say in the ads on TV,  “ sign up NOW! ”