What If Your Domain Name Expires?

You wake up one morning, a client emails you and says they cannot access your site. You then go to your computer to check it: it pulls up fine. Hmmm. Now you think your client is one Froot Loop short of a cereal bowl. But alas, no. You are seeing a cached version of your site. Open a browser you never use, and pull it up there. That is what your customer is seeing. You PANIC!!! OH &*@! NOW WHAT DO I DO?

Deep breaths. Here’s the plan:

– Call your domain host asap

– See if you can repurchase the domain since it expires.

– Add auto renewal on to your domain and buy 2 years of reservation on the domain. google wants to know you are not going away and you are committed to that domain. auto renewal is not enough.

-Buy misspellings of your domain – heatherlutz.com (a reality tv star) points to heatherlutze.com as people misspell my name all the time. too sad for the other heather, its mine.

– If someone has already grabbed the domain, you will need to negotiate with the new domain owner or call your attorney. Let’s hope this never happens to you.

I had a client who went on a team retreat for two days. Their domain expired and a competitor had purchased the next rights if the domain expired. Then a legal battle ensued and the lawyers won big. In the end they got their domain name back… and a 30K bill.

Want to make sure you’re prepared with a strategy worth protecting? Give me a call and we’ll make it happen!


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