What If Your Site Gets Hacked?



That, ladies and gentlemen, is the sound of someone’s site being hacked, followed by some incoherent swearing that I won’t include here.

Sometimes crazy stuff happens. How do you prepare for a hacked site? It happens every day, especially with WordPress sites.

Let’s get the basics down now, so that you can protect your site and be prepared for an emergency. Here are a few things you can do for your site and your sanity!


  1. Change your password! Pro tip – add “…” BEHIND YOUR DOMAIN – it’s been known to triples the effectiveness of the password.
  2. Who manages your site? Do you know how to reach them day or night? Do you have an agreement in place for them to be available if there’s an emergency? Make sure that’s in place before you need it.
  3. What if you manage the site yourself? You’ve got this. Just make sure you have a current backup of your site on your hosting service. Call them today and make sure you have a backup every 24 hours. Then, if your site goes down, you can put the backup right up ASAP, and then have a glass of wine to relax.
  4. Call your Host. In most cases they can help get your website back up fast, if you cannot reach your web person or that is you.

I was a girl scout (let’s face it — the cookies are amazing), and they drilled in responsibility for me. You must be a great steward of your own online presence. Be prepared!

If you want a comprehensive plan for your site, give me a call! Being prepared means that you don’t need to stress when things get real. Let’s get planning!

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