What Is A Responsive Site?


Have you ever wondered what your website looks like on a smartphone? On an iPad? and then ultimately on a desktop? (Click On the Image Above to watch the full video)

Today we’re going to talk about how to make sure your website looks spectacular no matter how they pull it up. If you’ve designed a new website or you have a site that’s maybe 3 or 4 years old, one of the things you really need to check out is if your website is mobile responsive.

The problem is that Google has over 40% of its traffic coming from mobile devices. From iPads, from smartphones, and from desktops. What we have to remember is that if our website is pulling slow, it does not look good on a mobile device, then Google is definitely not going to rank you like it would if you were mobile responsive.

How do I test my site?

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Here is an amazing tool called the Google mobile test. I like always using Google products because it comes straight from the horse’s mouth. It’s not someone else’s interpretation of what mobile friendly is. It’s their interpretation that is really in my world the only thing that counts.


Now, there are always ways of making it look a little bit better on mobile. So, the first thing is to pull it up on a smartphone and see how it looks to you. Does everything beautifully collapse? Does it become a smaller version of itself?

Be sure to try to see your website from a mobile device, because you know nowadays people tend to use it more than their desktop or laptop. Scroll down on the Google mobile test, it’ll give you all kinds of things that you can change to make it more mobile responsive. 

Be Mindful of Different Devices

When you’re looking at the website you have to be mindful that everyone has a different monitor size, they have a different phone, they have different iPad sizes. People pull up things in all different kinds of environments. 

We want to make sure that our website looks great in all of them.

If you think about how can I effectively build or craft a new website that’s going to be mobile responsive, here are a couple of things you have to think about:

  • You have those sliders, those sliders on the front are going to slow the website down, make sure that your web designer understands how to make that image compressed.
  • When you’re thinking about creating images for a site, the images must be small or they’ll pull super slow. When you pull your website up on a smartphone or maybe ask some of your colleagues or employees to pull it up, see what they see.
  • It’s a lot of back and forth when it comes to designing a responsive website. You’ll see here on my home page that there’s an underline right underneath the phone number. The underline indicates that on a mobile device, you can click on that from the mobile device and it will actually call that number. 

Images Need to be Compressed

When I say compressed, I don’t mean that they don’t look good or that they’re pixelated. But they have to be fast because you know, think about how fast we’re pulling stuff from our phone all the time. You know even when you have to wait for something to slowly paint on the picture, “I’m out right here”.

Make sure you put it through a Google mobile responsive test. The Google mobile test and make sure that when you’re creating images, you can actually have images that are going to pull quickly.


We don’t all know Photoshop but there are some fantastic tools that we can use that are going to make us look like graphic design rock stars.  It’s one of my favorites. I love being into this tool. Like I will literally watch reality television shows and create images in this tool. 

I know and understand that like me, you think you should have a great looking blog and nice content. But where should I create it? Then I see my Canva is that it gives you all the presets for all the different social sites. So, you don’t have to look it up every time you go.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is going to tell you what devices your traffic is coming from. Take a careful look, it’s called traffic sources. You’ll see it right inside your Analytics report. But keep an eye on that.

If you’re seeing more and more traffic coming to your website from mobile devices and you haven’t updated your website and say 3 to 5 years, there’s a good chance that you’re not ranking because of the fact that it’s not mobile-friendly. 

Make sure your website is mobile responsive. Run it through the Google mobile test. 

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