Online presence is now a necessity when it comes to doing business. People who have heard about your business via word-of-mouth will want to search you on Google. Now here’s what we need to know: 

What is Googlebot (or the Google algorithm) and why is it important in my business?

The Algorithm is a formula! So think back to college or maybe even high school. Remember the library? There was a Dewey Decimal System. Maybe some of you are too young and you can just kind of zone out right now. But if you remember the Dewey Decimal System, whenever you went into the library you pulled out the card catalog. You went through the cards and you found what you were looking for. 

Well, Google was founded at Stanford, So, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were finishing up their doctoral work and they said, “Look, we’re going to build something that indexes all the professorship content. So the professors, the students, could think about the vacuum of content that was built everyday. 

Research, studies, stats, information and it never made it to the library. So what happened to all that amazing Stanford content? It just disappeared.” So Larry and Sergey said, we’re going to build a database. That’s going to index and archive all the content on the Stanford campus. And this is how Google was born. And what we know today is this massive algorithm over 200 different elements to the Google algorithm.

WHY is it important?

Remember, if you’re a Stanford professor in your respective niche then you know your stuff. You are current and your website is current. You blog because you want to prove to Googlebot that you are on your A-game. You’re a Stanford professor in your field and you are doing research.

You have stats. You’re going to conferences. These are the kinds of things that make your website findable. 

You know, it’s a game of inches guys. It’s a little tiny inches and you have to keep moving toward that. Just like with any other marketing. Think about what traditional marketing can you get rid of and how can you take that and allocate it to being a Stanford professor in your field and the Googlebot is going to love you.

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