What The Heck is a Podcast? Why Podcast?

If you’re thinking of growing your fan base, and speaking to a larger targeted audience think Podcasting. Believe it or not, half of the US homes are Podcast fans. This gets us to a number of 60 million homes as your potential target audience.

If you’re still asking yourself what the Heck is a Podcast, here’s a fun fact: The word Podcast was coined using two words: Pod – Borrowed from Apple’s iPod digital media (No, you don’t have to own one to podcast) Cast – This was derived from Broadcast – a radio term. So there we have it: iPod plus Broadcast equals Podcast.

To explain it more clearly, Podcast is a similar service as internet radio on demand, but it is so much more than that, and it includes video as well. Also unlike the radio that targets a broad audience, with the Podcast you get a chance to speak to YOUR target audience. Basically you make an educational video or audio content and people subscribe to it, if they like the message. After that every time you post new content your subscribers receive it.

And I am talking about a potential of 124 million subscribers, according to Edison Research Infinite Dial 2018. Do you podcast? If you’re considering growing your brand, you might want to consider joining in. Here are some amazing facts coming from Nielsen 2017: – Almost half of the people that listen to podcasts (on a monthly basis) have a household income of over $75K – One third of the Podcast listeners have a 4-year college degree. If you’re looking to get inspired about making your own Podcast, one that will empower your business to dominate online, take a listen to my new Podcast: “Search Party.”

Why Should I be doing this?

This will basically be your essential online marketing buddy that you can listen to on your mobile or lap-top. It is curious to know where people actually are when listening to Podcasts, and yes, that research has been made as well. It seems that almost half of the people listen in the comfort of their home, but some of them do it in the car while driving to work or running errands, or even at work and at the gym. Podcasts are everywhere around us, and I could absolutely live this way forever. And the best part?

Your paranoia of people leaving too early to see the show can diminish right here. Because 80% of people listening to Podcasts listen to all or most of each episode you present. Still confused about what a podcast is and how to listen to it? Let’s walk through the basics and introduce you to my new podcast “Search Party: The Essential Online Marketing Podcast” with Heather Lutze. https://www.findability.com/search-party-podcast-heather-lutze/ Subscribe Now and Enter the New Era of Podcasting Podcasting is growing by leaps and bounds, especially on Smartphones. The podcast usage has gone up to 157% in a matter of 3 years. Starting from 9.5 million in 2014 and exponentially growing to almost 24 million in 2017.

Need I say that number of Podcast listeners is still growing in 2018? So get on the podcast train together with the people that usually watch Netflix or Amazon Prime, use bottled water, and own a smart speaker, according to Nielsen, Q3 2017. I hope this info helps, especially for business owners that want their new products or services to be visible online. You should know that 69% of Podcast listeners agree that ads helped them discover new products and services. So next time you see someone sitting by the pool, relaxed, sipping a cocktail, listening to something on their headphones, it could be your Podcast they’re listening to.

Till next time,

Heather Lutze.

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