Why Hashtags Are Important to SEO?

Have you heard of the concept of hashtags? I remember them when they were pound signs. Remember that? And you don’t say the hashtag out loud according to my teenager. So today, we’re going to talk about hashtags for business owners. The do’s and don’ts and how to find the right ones to bring more traffic to your website.

I am actually talking about hashtags today, Hashtag, has anyone rolled their eyes when they heard the word hashtag? Yeah, I get a lot of that especially when I speak to CEOs and business owners. They’re like, “What the heck is a hashtag?” Some of us knew it as a pound sign but now it’s a hashtag, even if it embarrasses your teenager.

My son wanted a bottle service for 2 years. So there has to be a little bit of payback at some point, right? Anyway, love you, Kyle. Anyway, let’s get back to what the heck is a hashtag? And why should I care? 

A hashtag is like a party. There’s a lot of different parties I want to go to. But I don’t know which party, I want to be where the cool people hang out, so I want to follow that party… My favorite things are rose gold so I’m going to find the rose gold party, the Earl Grey tea party, and the London party. I love all of those things. 

Now, I don’t necessarily attach one single person to those concepts. I just want to watch everything that happens under that keyword. 

Let me show you. I’m going to show you on my computer here. When you come here, I’m going to type in #rosegold. Now, you’ll see here that rose gold has 5,923,000 posts for the word rosegold. So, I’m going to click on that. Now, I’m going to follow this. Do you see how I’m following that? I’m not following anyone specifically but I’m following the concept or the party theme. 

And you’ll see all of this is all about everything crazy rose gold, okay? Now, I’m going to go back and I’m going to type in #EarlGrey. So, Earl Grey has 613,000 posts. So, what you’re tapping into here guys is you’re tapping into that’s how people think. This is what they search for. So there are 613,000  posts for Earl Gray.  Now, I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to click on that. Now, I’m going to follow that hashtag. So, no matter what topic is out there, there is a hashtag. 

Whether it is SEO, keywords, social media, or just things that you love; you’re going to get the exact same result… So, I’m going to put it in a unicorn. You’ll see here, the unicorn has 12 million posts. Now, as a business owner, what that tells you is that people think that’s interesting. So, if you have a unicorn something or a rose gold something or whatever it is you have, there is a hashtag for that. 

Now, here’s the cool thing is hashtags work across all different social platforms now. It used to be just Twitter and Instagram. But now they work on Facebook, they work in LinkedIn, they work in Pinterest, they work on Instagram. 

So, once you find your hashtag, then you can use it in all of your posts across all of your social media platforms. You may be wondering, “Well, what hashtags will I be  using, and how many?” The rule of thumb is on Instagram, it’s about 10 hashtags. Now, I wouldn’t use that many in all the other platforms. But the hashtags are really very strong in an Instagram environment.

I use the following hashtags  #SEO, #getfound, #keywordsRule,#girlBoss, #solopreneur. And I have the same group of hashtags I use in all my posts. And then I add more based on whatever the topic is of that post. So, as you’re going through… 

I use a tool here called Hashtagify. And hashtagify will let you know what are the trending concepts, what are the trending hashtags as well as what kind of suggestions of content should I be using around those hashtags? 

What is a hashtag?
How to find trending hashtags.

I can come in here and I can type in #SEO. Okay, so what you’ll see that what this does is it says, “Okay, the results for SEO… I’m going to scroll down. You’ll see here that the popularity is 80.7 and let’s see, the weekly trend is up by 1%. And now you’ll see that I can see in this word cloud if I’m going to be using #SEO, I need to use #Google, #marketing, #SEM, #socialMedia, #digitalmarketing

I will grab that and make sure that when we are posting on social media, we are using the current trending hashtags around that one concept and hashtagify.com does a great job of helping you to understand what is the current cloud (if you will) around that one keyword phrase. If I scroll down, it will give you all the different kinds.

The languages, the spelling variants as well as the top countries that are using that. As well as some recommended influencers. So, it’s always a good idea, when you’re watching a hashtag, if you see an influencer, someone you admire, someone who has great content; make sure to

follow them as well as make sure to comment and like their posts. Very important that you are an engaged person in your community and it’s not just me. You need to post if you want to really be a part of the community.

For me, I watch search engine strategies. I have a Moz, of course. Moz is a great community of SEO experts. And I also go in and just follow certain entities that I really feel strongly about and I know they know their stuff. Those are the hashtags I watch and I also go in and based on those hashtags. I find my peeps, right? I want to hang out with my hood. In the hood, I want to find my peeps in the hood. And I had to find where it is that I need to be. And who do I want to be seen hanging out with? 

A hashtag’s just a big party. You can have… 

Finally, you can go to as many parties as you want and you’ll feel totally comfortable in every single party also known as a hashtag. The hashtag, right? Hopefully, you’re not annoyed or rolling your eyes anymore about the importance of hashtags. 

WATCH the full video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0UJa5uCtsw&t=163s

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