WHY SEO? Is it Relevant Today or Not?

You’re a business owner with a unique marketing idea but it’s not getting customers – WHY?

Nowadays, the internet revolves around SEO, and it’s how your business is found by potential customers. Search engine optimization, that sounds pretty intimidating, doesn’t it? I actually hate that word because I think it’s riddled with robots and engines and misunderstanding around algorithms. 

What I’ve learned for sure over my 15 years is that it’s all about the human. And I’m going to show you how to connect with humans through Google data. 

How Do We Compete?

Compete by creating content around what your customers are already thinking. We call it, get them into the church, and then convert them. You’ve got to use their language first. Take a picture of cool people working in cool places, maybe you got special events, you need to make yourself cool. You get to call yourself the best, and it’s okay no one needs to validate it.

As a business owner, you can use Google as your hat trick. Use Google as your shortcut to a human mind, and if you want to get in front of people in your niche then you’ve got to connect with your niche’s language and Google has been very nice to architect and gather all of this content for you that is now just at your fingertips. It’s fantastic, it’s wonderful,  you see all the search volume numbers and how people are searching for you.

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Findability is the opposite of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing has taught us, “Oh big numbers? Yes please, I want lots of that. That’s why You buy radio spots, advertise in magazines, and sign up for a trade show. Do I put my booth in the front? Should I put it in the very back?” Do you know the best place in a trade show?  You can see how much Traditional Marketing makes it hard to get out in front of your ideal customers. That is why SEO is indeed relevant to the way we market our business today.

So, think about that, that’s the same thing here as business owners, I want you to think maybe there are only 20 keywords I need to rank for, 20 not 10,000. 

When you rank under those 10, you’ve created blogs, maybe some videos, maybe some social shares and you start seeing yourself move up then you pick another keyword and then another keyword. And you don’t have to go into a fancy tool just go to Google. See what’s in the dropdowns and pick from there. You’re already 10 times ahead of any competitor who is in your area talking about coffee. So be mindful, Use Google and these suggestive searches strategically they can make a huge difference to making it to the top on page one and kick your competition off the top!

Create your blogs, your social content based on what your potential customers are searching for and not how you see your marketing strategy.


Post your questions in the comments below or email me – heather@findability.com and we can take a little bit of a geek deep dive into SEO. 


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