Why You Should Use Answer The Public!


I’ve got an amazing tool that’s going to blow your mind and show you how to tap into what people are thinking when they search, let me introduce you to Answer The Public!

If you’ve watched my YouTube channel, you understand that I am a tool obsessed, I just love finding new tools to help clients become Findable, and when I find a tool that gets me excited I can’t help but share!

Today I want to share with you one of my favorites answerthepublic.com.

When you go to search, you may have seen the dropdowns. They’re called suggestive search. That is when you start typing something like chihuahua or furbaby. Whichever your preference is.

Now, what you’ll see when you do that are all kinds of recommendations like fur baby mama shirt, furbaby mama toy, fur baby mama’s day, fur baby mama shirt target. The point being is that every keyword has a whole life on its own.

You have the main keyword and then you have all the other iterations that come off of that.  Right now maybe your head spins like “How do I get all the questions, all the answers?” Well, that’s where “Answer the Public”, comes to the rescue!

Answer the Public takes all of these searches related to and suggested search and gives them to you in a bunch of different ways.

I understand that when you want to become findable online, creating content becomes so challenging. That’s why I would like to share with you how Answer the public can help you find the right keywords and to make sure you are creating content that will reach its intended audience.

When I started using AnswerThePublic, I was really amazed at how cool this tool is in searching for keywords that I need. Let’s try pulling off the word “Dog Gifts”

Now, if you will look at the photo we put “dog gifts” but we didn’t get a lot. Let’s check the next photo where even the prepositions are being shown.

You see, in Answer the Public even the prepositions are also being pulled from those dropdowns. We have dog gifts that give back, dog gifts for birthdays, Father’s day gifts for dogs, believe it or not, some people do searches for these things.

By using this cool tool you’ll see all these different recommendations and this gorgeous graphic. You are never ever going to run out about something to write about your fur baby.

The more you could connect with the language of your peeps, the better your marketing strategy is going to be, and the better your hashtags and social sharing will be as well. Because you started with who cares.

Start with who cares, not how you care but who cares about this topic? When you start with who cares and you answer those questions, that’s when the findability really starts to work. You get likes, you get subscribers, you get comments and followers.

Whoo! I love answer the public. That thing blew my mind the first time I saw it. So hopefully you’ll love this tool as much as me. I will keep looking and will continue to bring you new tools. I’ve got you!

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