Do you ever think writing content for Google is a huge mystery? What’s the secret sauce? How many words is enough? Where do I put the keywords? Well, I’m going to give you a very simple guide, that’s going to walk you through the key elements that Googlebot is most concerned about. Those triggers are going to make your pages findable.

Today we’re going to talk about how to write truly findable copy that’s both findable and creative.

There are some key things that I’ve learned through working with hundreds of content writers through the years and I would like to share some quick and easy tips on how to write great findable copy that helps convert readers into clients.



There are 3 types of readers, there are the skimmers who just skim through the page to see what interests them. Then there are chunker’s who stop with each chunk of content. They evaluate each chunk on the page. And then last but not least there are the readers. They will read every single word on the page. 

You want to make sure that you’re mixing it up a little bit. That way you’ve got the skimmers, the chunker’s, and the readers all covered. This is very important. The next is to make sure your grammar and punctuations are good.


We call it an eye rest, I need a place for my eyes to rest and stop if you have a lot of content. there’s no place for your eyes to rest, use bullets and checkmarks very carefully to create open space for your eyes to pause and rest. 


My recommendation is to write the first paragraph then have a call-out statement, “Have you read enough? Are you ready to take action? Click here. Because people will not read all of the content. They’ll get excited by the headline. They may get really excited about the first bullet. But oftentimes they just want help at that point. Baked it into the content so that they know that they don’t read the whole thing. You’re going to be there for them regardless.


Use this very, very strategically, the bold and underlined formatting options are very much overused, judiciously use bold only on things you want their eye to stop and rest on. Same for underlines. Be consistent in how you’re using them across your content. 


Now there are a number of different things that people will look at when they are reading your content. People love images, use text on images, and make them clickable people will always

going to look at images first. Now you have all these fantastic images, So I haven’t even read anything yet but now the images make me want to go read and learn more, and then they notice the content you have written. 

When you’re thinking about writing a page of body copy, you guys have all seen those pages that are just like a copy after copy and the page just Scrolls and Scrolls and Scrolls. That’s really old-school SEO copywriting.

You want to think more now about user engagement and relevance. Make sure that you know what keyword you’re going to write about. That you’re being mindful of the kinds of content you’re creating when you write it. As of course now, you’re also going to make sure to pick those great images that sell the story. 

I’ve got a couple of favorite tools of mine.

This is what I called the Photoshop killer. You don’t ever need Photoshop again because this has all the presets. So when you’re thinking about creating images for that SEO content, you want to create something that is very specific in size. So, when you go to share it out to Instagram, it’s going to look great on all those portals but also it looks great on that page. is transcription service. So, you can interview someone. They can dictate to you. You can walk around and talk to your smartphone. Toward that, upload that to and you’ll get an instant computer transcription. You will also get a human transcription in a couple of hours after that. So, pretty fantastic how quickly you can create content. It’s a wonderful way to just rip out lots and lots of content based on the keywords you want to rank for.


It gives you a royalty-free copy of royalty-free artwork that has been approved by the photographers. Photographers take pictures. They can upload them onto Pixabay and give usage rights. So, as long as you give them credit, you don’t have to pay for the royalties on the licensing on those images. And they’ve got tons of great images. And keep in mind too when you’re looking for images for your content, think about the emotive response. Remember, the images are the emotive quality of the article. They’re the ones that add that imagery to the site.

This lets you put any piece of copy in. It will count exactly how many words are in there and you can also get a bunch of other goodies from it. But the words are what’s so important. And if I need to hit oh a word count like 1,500 then I need to have something easy. You can also do this in word but I like the word counter. It just needs to be a little more intuitive.

Now, why this is such an amazing tool is that it will grab all of those searches related to it. When you’re on Google and you’re searching for a keyword phrase and you scroll all the way to the bottom, you’ll see a bunch of suggested searches underneath that. Those are the things you want to weave into your body copy when you’re writing. 

My recommendation

When you’re sitting thinking about writing, something pop opens your Google screens –will pop it open. Type in the keyword and then try to interview yourself based on what’s on that page. You will see questions, you will see additional phrases. You will see experts in that industry. And if you can focus on just talking about what’s already in play on a Google search result page, whoo!

That is HUGE. Google loves you.

But it’s not only you have you include the keywords on there. But it’s contextually relevant to what’s already on a search result page. That is truly what makes content findable.

Use some of my tricks and tools but at the end of the day if you’re bored, your content will be boring and it won’t convert. So, find a way to have fun creating content. Use tools like Rev to be able to dictate or go and interview somebody and then have it transcribed.

Don’t suffer for findability. No suffering in findability. Have fun with it and people will resonate with your content and they will convert and your content will rank. That’s one of the most important things is, right for them not for you. Well, I hope I inspired you now to write contents that people care about and Google will love. 


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