Yahoo / Microsoft Merger Made Easy

Everyone has been buzzing about the Yahoo/ Microsoft merger (termed the Yahoo Search and Microsoft Search Alliance) & how it may affect your website. We wanted to take a minute and give you an update on what to expect over the next month regarding your Findability in this Search Engines.

What exactly is the Yahoo/ Microsoft Merger agreement?

In Yahoo & Bing, your search results for both paid advertising & natural listings will be identical. Both listings will be powered by Microsoft’s algorithm.

What will be the main difference between the two Search Engines?

The main difference will be the Yahoo/ Bing interfaces (the look and feel).  Additionally, features of the two companies (such as email accounts), will also remain autonomous.

How will the Yahoo Microsoft Merger affect my SEO efforts?

The Bing & Yahoo algorithm will be merged, managed and powered by Microsoft. This means your organic rankings in both search engines will be determined by one combined Microsoft formula.  If you haven’t already, run the Bing webmaster tools on your site . You will also want to run these again in early October, once the transition has been completed.

How will the Yahoo Microsoft Merger affect my PPC efforts?

After the transition, management of your combined Yahoo/Bing account will be done in one location, Microsoft AdCenter. If you are running a Yahoo advertising campaign, you will need to setup an adCenter account & import your Yahoo! campaigns. You will need to manually format your ads, as the character requirements in Bing are a little different than the character requirements in Yahoo. If you are a current Findability Group client with a Yahoo! account, don’t worry – we will be taking care of this transition for you. After the transition, if you run a Paid Search Campaign through adCenter, you will be running keywords in both Yahoo! and Bing (you will not have the opportunity to “opt out” of one or the other).

When is the Yahoo/ Microsoft Merger going to be complete?

You need to have your PPC account transitioned & Bing webmaster tools setup before September 15, 2010. The final transition to Microsoft’s formulas will be occurring late September, early October 2010.

What are the benefits of this merger?

1. Great adCenter research tools.  ( – likely with this merger, these tools will get even better.

2. Instant access to about 1/3 more viewers through Bing properties.

3. Easier account management – Now instead of having 2 separate accounts for Bing & Yahoo, you will be able to manage from 1 adCenter account.

Read the full terms of the deal on Microsoft’s website:

Questions? Feel free to post any questions you might have regarding this merger. We are happy to answer and provide resources to you.

Written by Natalie Henley, Director of Sales & Marketing for the Findability Group

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