YouTube Findability: Become a YouTube Expert for Higher Visibility and Greater Business Success

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Have you noticed that YouTube videos turn up more and more frequently on Google searches… and they really stand out? Video gets noticed. Video appeals to the huge numbers of people who prefer to get both their information, and their entertainment, from watching and listening, instead of reading.

Get your inner Spielberg on, and reap the business benefits!

In this vibrant presentation, YouTube speaker Heather engages and informs with easy to implement, practical YouTube strategies. She’ll bust the myth that video is too expensive to create, and give you actionable and innovative ideas for videos topics. Discover how using YouTube in your social media marketing can attract new business and new opportunities.

YouTube is the social media site that captures consumers’ attention in a whole new, exciting and profitable way. If you’re not convinced that YouTube is right for your audience, consider these facts:

  • 800 million unique visitors every month… that’s a lot of visitors! (Source:
  • 100 million people taking social action on the site (likes, shares and comments) each week
  • YouTube has become the second largest search engine, with more searches each month than Yahoo or Bing. It’s second only to the mighty Google. (Source: )
  • The number of advertisers using display ads on YouTube increased ten times in the past year, and that number will probably be far out of date by the time you read this

YouTube is a major player in the world of social media, with a popularity that shows no signs of slowing… how can your audience get a piece of this powerful pie?

“YouTube Findability” includes:

  • Not a videographer?

Why you can and should still use Youtube, what equipment to use, how to easily create your own videos.

  • All the ins and outs of creating your own YouTube channel:

Set up a channel viewers can subscribe to, all your videos in one place.

  • Effective use of keywords in video titles and descriptions:

YouTube is a popular search engine, take advantage of it for greater findability.

  • Keeping it fun:

People like video because it’s fun. Create effective videos on the cheap, spontaneous and rough can be just as effective as polished and well produced.

  • Video? What video?

Get great suggestions for what to make videos about that will really showcase your company, your corporate culture, your products, your ideas, and more.

  • How to get business with YouTube:

After all, getting business is the bottom line of any social media campaign, including a video campaign.

If you’re looking for something a bit different to really engage your audience and get them buzzing, then a YouTube speaker might be just the thing. Hire a YouTube speaker with a “how-to” approach to dominating search results and market share online. Learn the essential tactics, tips and tools to market your business on the site that just keeps blowing up bigger and bigger, YouTube. Become a YouTube expert. Contact Heather today!

Promote Your Event with “Hype-Videos!”

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“Not only did you get the highest ratings of the five speakers at the first Author U Boot Camp, I personally know that attendees were “tweeting” their cyber world that you were fantastic! Heather, I highly recommend you to any group. Your enthusiasm, knowledge, terrific presentation skills get your message across to everyone. My only regret is that you didn’t have a double slot!”

~~Judith Briles

The Book Shepherd